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what’s the point in putting up signs when no one reads them?

Posted in stupidity on February 16, 2009 by sarafist

there are double doors to the lobby, but we keep the left one (as I face them) locked. there is a sign at eye level on the door saying, “please use other door.” despite this, I cannot count (though perhaps I should try one day) the number of people who try to walk through that door. they’ll do it on their way in, and again on their way out. sometimes they stand there, repeatedly trying to open it. we had the sign at handle level for a while, figuring that’s where people were looking, but it made no difference.

today they painted the edges of the desk. there is a large sign posted below the paint, and another sign sitting upright on top of the desk. I have already warned off four people who were just leaning on the wet paint, completely oblivious to the signs directly in front of them. the number would probably be higher, but Sunday is a very slow day here.

perhaps I’m just too scintillatingly lovely, and they’re blinded when they come in.