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it’s not just the guests

Posted in co-workers, stupidity on May 10, 2009 by sarafist
When I worked last on Thursday evening, 219 was having phone problems; she could not get a dialtone and was also not receiving any calls. I tested the line, and the phone just rang and rang, indicating that it was plugged in (if it’s not, we get a disconnecting message), so I went up and checked the phone out, ascertained it didn’t work, and fetched another phone with which to replace it. Well, though I’d tested the second phone in another room, it also failed to work in 219, leading me to believe that jack was broken. I offered her another room, but she preferred not to move that night and said she would just use her cell phone.I made a Maintenance note on her room in the computer, and also noted the problem in our logbook.

When I started my shift today, I followed my usual practice of finding out whether I’d missed anything on the day I was gone. As I read Friday’s notes, I found this gem:

“Tried to call 219 about switching rooms, got no answer.”

Nice one, co-workers!