the identity of two-face

I talked to Adrienne about Ms “It’s My Twin Sister’s ID.” Turns out that she is Michelle Ingalls, who we’ve had trouble with a whole bunch recently. Trouble with she and her husband both, actually. And their dogs.

When checking in, Mr Ingalls told us would be just him and his kid, and that his wife might stop by, but he would let us know whether she would stay or not. A day or two went by, and we caught Michelle Ingalls coming and going from the room, so we insisted that they pay for two. They argued for a while, then said they’d pay in a little bit as soon as someone brought the money, and then they’d leave when no one was looking. At least it was early enough so that the housekeepers were still around to turn the room over for new guests.

A few days later they returned, and he again tried to pay for one. We let him know that if Michelle’s going to stay then he needs to pay for her, but he insisted again that she wouldn’t be around. And she of course turned up. And was caught, leading to more argument before they’d finally pay. This pattern repeated itself several times over the course of a month, with them trying to check in individually, but secretly sneaking the other in, and lots of argument over it. Then we caught them sneaking two dogs into their rooms, and Mr Ingalls agreed to pay for them. And then they checked out again the next day.

When next they returned a few days later, they again sneaked the dogs in. This time my boss was here, and when they tried BS-ing him about how the dogs are just visiting, he gave them a piece of his mind. Mike yelled at them, and they agreed to pay, but then sneaked off the property with their belongings yet again, only they didn’t return for a while.

In addition to all that fuss, they were very dirty, and would try to refuse housekeeping for their room for a few days in a row, and when forced to take service would invariably have trash all over the room and other assorted delights.


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