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like flies to honey

Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2010 by sarafist

I guess PDX cops have been bored lately, because they’ve started a little something new here at the lol-iday inn. Granted, I’m sure it’s just an old trick, but it’s one we haven’t seen before. Basically, they’re responding to solicitation ads on Craigslist (you know, hookers), then they come in here and borrow a room for a few hours waiting for responses. When they get one, they haul them off and arrest them. They’ve been doing it about once or twice a week since Christmas.

Afterward, they come in and have a little chat, and usually they bring the pro so we can tell her how she’s not allowed back on our property. They younger ones are usually sullen and angry, but I can’t blame them and feel more than a little sorry for them. Last week, the pro was oooooold, in her sixties. They let her go with a citation, so I maybe the Portland PD feels a little sorry for them, too.