an exercise in denial

Another TV was stolen about two weeks ago, while I was out of town. A Russian dude was in the back building (big no-no!) for a couple of days, and after he checked out, the flatscreen TV was missing. Gee, where DID it go? They checked the cameras, and sure enough, there’s footage of the guy carrying the TV out of his room and putting it in his Mercedes.

So my boss calls the guy, who gets all flustered and denies anyone taking the TV. When advised that we have footage of it being put in HIS car and will go to the police, he says he’ll look into the matter.

The next day, someone dropped off the TV–our name and phone number conveniently scratched off–along ith an envelope. In the envelope is a letter from the guest, which I present vrbatim:

Dear M—,
You was right when you ask me about if anybody been in my room. I make my own investigation, and one of my sales rep take this TV. He also take the room key.
I bring this TV from his house. I also report King County Sheriff department about. They open the police case. I feel so sorry about him, about this situation.
Again, so sorry!
Sincerely, A—-

Nice! I love that he can’t just admit that he took it.

He did have nice penmanship, though.


One Response to “an exercise in denial”

  1. Not enough people study penmanship these days, I always feel. That’s why the world’s going to the dogs.

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